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Is There a Difference Between Bail and Bond?

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Many of our customers in Houston, TX who contact our bail bonds service think that bail and a bond are one and the same, they are not, read on to find out what the differences are.

The biggest difference between a bail and a bond is how each is paid, as bail is paid to the court, and a bond will be paid to a bail bondsman. When an individual has been arrested on suspicion of committing a crime, judges in most of the legal systems will allow for their temporary release before a trial, only when they pay a certain, and often a large sum of money.

This sum is what is called a bail, and those who are able to, usually pay it directly to the court. When they appear for trial, the sum is often returned. However, people that can’t afford to pay will call upon the services of a bail bondsman. Who in turn, will post the money on behalf of the accused, this is what is known as bond money.

How Bonds Work

Most people do not have the money to post bail, and in such cases, there are only 2 options, which are to remain in jail or to recruit the services of a bail bondsman. Bondsmen are professional moneylenders that specialize in court judgments and bail mandates. A bond is, in essence, an insurance policy that guarantees the full amount of bail to the court in case the individual flees or does not appear for trial. Bail bond agents will usually need some sort of collateral, just in case a defendant does not return for the hearing. This collateral will usually be in the form of property, like a home, car, or anything else of the same value.

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