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Imprisonment and release

What does a bail agency do?


There are few who do not hear almost on a daily basis on the news that someone was released on bail and will return to court after some time. However, not many know what exactly does the term mean and what does a bail agent do. Listed below is a brief explanation on what does the process involve.

Meaning of the term

When someone is released from prison on “bail” this means that a bail agency has financially arranged for the person to be taken out of jail until their court trial in exchange for money or valuable assets. The price for the release is determined by the tribunal. Once the defendant is out of prison they remain under the custody of the agency until the date of their hearing. Should the person attempt to escape or not appear at the trial the company has the right (if it is located in the USA) to hire a professional bounty hunter to retrieve the defendant and bring them to court.


A person working for such an agency is called a bail agent. When this person puts up a fee for the release of the defendant from prison they usually charge a fee worth 10% of the total payment. This is non-refundable, even if the case has been thrown out. The agent will take a security against the released person’s assets. If they do not have enough assets, the person may take securities from willing individuals such as relatives or friends.

A bond release is a commonly used option which allows a defendant to be taken out of prison after a certain amount of money or other collaterals has been paid. If you would like to learn more about this term and about the process itself contact a professional bail agency such as All Out Bail Bonds in Houston, TX.

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