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When and How to Use Bail Bonds

Everything you Need to Know When Requesting the Services of a Bail Bondsman.

man offering a bail bondA bail bond is, by definition, the amount of money the court decides to charge a criminal defendant in order to release him from jail. The money is nothing but a guarantee that the defendant will show up in court at the date set for the trial. If the defendant doesn’t come to the court at the date and hour established for their trial, the court will keep the bail money. It’ not uncommon for the defendant not to have the amount of money they need for the bail, and that’s when the services of a bail bondsman come in handy.

Man in jailA bail bondsman is someone who decides to pay the bail money for the defendant, in return of a small fee. Here’s how it works. The bail bondsman pays the court the entire bail with the agreement that the defendant will show up in court at the scheduled time and date. In return for his/her services, the bail bondsman will charge a non-refundable fee. If the defendant doesn’t show up in court, the bail bondsman has the right to sue the defendant or even to send bounty hunters to collect the money.

There are three types of bail bonds: cash, property and surety.

  • A cash bond uses a money order as collateral, in case the defendant doesn’t keep his promise to attend his trial.
  • A property bond, on the other hand, uses property values instead.
  • The third option is the one that involves the services of a bail bondsman.

The bail amount is set by the judge, and it’s based on the severity of the crime. Of course, bail is not always an option. If the judge considers that the defendant has the intention to leave the country, or if the accusations are severe, the judge may decide not to offer a bail.

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