How Does the Court Set the Bail Amount?

The Importance of a Bail Bond Agent.

The amount of money the defendant has to pay to the court, in order to be released from jail, is usually set by the judges. Most judges adhere to standard practices when it comes to setting the bail amount for a defendant, but it’s not uncommon for them to raise or lower the amount. There are even situations when the defendant is released without setting a bail. It’s very hard to say what are the general factors that influence the bail amount, but gravity of the crime is definitely the main one.

Besides the severity of the crime, some judges may also consider some other factors. For instance, employment record, relationship within the community, past crime record – they are all factors that may influence the amount of bail.

When a bail is set, the defendant has two options: to hire a bail bond agent, or to pay the bail personally. What’s important to know is that none of the cases require a lawyer. Anyone can pay a bail, whether it’s a relative of the defendant, friend, family member, or even a stranger such as a bail bond agent.

There are cases when judges can also deny bail, although the crime may not be so serious. This usually happens when the defendant doesn’t show enough proves that he/she will stay in the state until the process is over, or when it’s not the first time the defendant gets out on bail.

In some states, the defendant can pay the bail before he/she is even brought to court. This is possible only when the crime the defendant is accused of, is small, and there is actually a bail set for it. The police usually use a bail schedules with specific amount for common crimes. This way, the defendant, or the bail bond agent can pay the bail immediately after the arrest, and thus the defendant is being released within the same hour.

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