What does a bail agency do?

There are few who do not hear almost on a daily basis on the news that someone was released on bail and will return to court after some time. However, not many know what exactly does the term mean and what does a bail agent do. Listed below is a brief explanation on what does the process involve.


Meaning of the term

When someone is released from prison on “bail” this means that a bail agency has financially arranged for the person to be taken out of jail until their court trial in exchange for money or valuable assets. The price for the release is determined by the tribunal. Once the defendant is out of prison they remain under the custody of the agency until the date of their hearing. Should the person attempt to escape or not appear at the trial the company has the right (if it is located in the USA) to hire a professional bounty hunter to retrieve the defendant and bring them to court.



A person working for such an agency is called a bail agent. When this person puts up a fee for the release of the defendant from prison they usually charge a fee worth 10% of the total payment. This is non-refundable, even if the case has been thrown out. The agent will take a security against the released person’s assets. If they do not have enough assets, the person may take securities from willing individuals such as relatives or friends.


A bond release is a commonly used option which allows a defendant to be taken out of prison after a certain amount of money or other collaterals has been paid. If you would like to learn more about this term and about the process itself contact a professional bail agency such as All Out Bail Bonds in Houston, TX.

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The Reasons Why Bail is Still Allowed

What Makes Bail Bond Companies Stay in Businesses.

We are all familiar with the idea of bail and how it works. However, there is more to bail than meets the eye. There is a big reason why bail exists, and it has to do with our justice system. The U.S. has a very flexible justice system that allows people more rights that in any other countries, but it’s not perfect. Here’s where bail bond companies come in.

What They Do

Bail bond companies provide the financial support (bail money) for the people who have to pay bail but can’t afford it. For those of you who don’t know, bail allows people to get out of jail while they are waiting for their case to be taken in court. Bail has been reformed many times over the last centuries, and it ended up in the actual form thanks to many year of legislators trying to balance public safety with civil liberties.

People with Little Money

The bail initiative came as a result of many protests from people who have spent a long period of time in jail, only to find out that the charges against them got acquitted, or have been dropped. This meant that they had to go through the social and financial distress of being held in jail for no reason at all.

One of the biggest concerns is that the bail system can discriminate against people with little money. There have been many attempts to fix this problem, but the best solution came from bail bond companies. Using a bail bondsman services, everyone can pay bail, regardless of their financial status.

Striking a Balance

The current form of the bail system took shape in 1960, when a series of reforms introduced bail as a legal form of getting out of jail. This made it possible for people who aren’t violent, dangerous or likely to flee to get bail.

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Take Your Legal Obligations Seriously

Why You Should Honor the Commitment You’ve Made to Your Bail Bonds Service Company.

There are people who are not responsible enough to take their legal obligations seriously. Such individuals may end up missing their court dates. However, it is important to know that failure to honor the commitment you’ve made to your bail bonds service company and the court has serious consequences.

If you don’t show up in court, the bail bond company that freed you from custody will become liable for the full amount of the bond. Of course, this will not affect just them. As soon as it happens, they will send people to look for you and make sure you go back to jail.

Whether the charges against you are for a minor or serious offense, trying to run away will only make matters worse. Once the court finds out that you have missed your court date, they will issue a warrant for your arrest. This means that the police will have the right to search your home and your car and do everything necessary to bring you to justice.

When the skip tracers working for the bail bonds service company start looking for you, they will start contacting people who are likely to know where you are. This includes family and friends. This procedure is extremely embarrassing and unpleasant for them.

If you do show up on your court date, things are not going to get worse. Of course, if the charges you are facing are serious, that will not change. However, you will not have to face more charges for not honoring your bail bond. There is no such thing as a good reason for missing your court date or violating your bail bond.

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How Does the Court Set the Bail Amount?

The Importance of a Bail Bond Agent.

The amount of money the defendant has to pay to the court, in order to be released from jail, is usually set by the judges. Most judges adhere to standard practices when it comes to setting the bail amount for a defendant, but it’s not uncommon for them to raise or lower the amount. There are even situations when the defendant is released without setting a bail. It’s very hard to say what are the general factors that influence the bail amount, but gravity of the crime is definitely the main one.

Besides the severity of the crime, some judges may also consider some other factors. For instance, employment record, relationship within the community, past crime record – they are all factors that may influence the amount of bail.

When a bail is set, the defendant has two options: to hire a bail bond agent, or to pay the bail personally. What’s important to know is that none of the cases require a lawyer. Anyone can pay a bail, whether it’s a relative of the defendant, friend, family member, or even a stranger such as a bail bond agent.

There are cases when judges can also deny bail, although the crime may not be so serious. This usually happens when the defendant doesn’t show enough proves that he/she will stay in the state until the process is over, or when it’s not the first time the defendant gets out on bail.

In some states, the defendant can pay the bail before he/she is even brought to court. This is possible only when the crime the defendant is accused of, is small, and there is actually a bail set for it. The police usually use a bail schedules with specific amount for common crimes. This way, the defendant, or the bail bond agent can pay the bail immediately after the arrest, and thus the defendant is being released within the same hour.

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When and How to Use Bail Bonds

Everything you Need to Know When Requesting the Services of a Bail Bondsman.

man offering a bail bondA bail bond is, by definition, the amount of money the court decides to charge a criminal defendant in order to release him from jail. The money is nothing but a guarantee that the defendant will show up in court at the date set for the trial. If the defendant doesn’t come to the court at the date and hour established for their trial, the court will keep the bail money. It’ not uncommon for the defendant not to have the amount of money they need for the bail, and that’s when the services of a bail bondsman come in handy.

Man in jailA bail bondsman is someone who decides to pay the bail money for the defendant, in return of a small fee. Here’s how it works. The bail bondsman pays the court the entire bail with the agreement that the defendant will show up in court at the scheduled time and date. In return for his/her services, the bail bondsman will charge a non-refundable fee. If the defendant doesn’t show up in court, the bail bondsman has the right to sue the defendant or even to send bounty hunters to collect the money.

There are three types of bail bonds: cash, property and surety.

  • A cash bond uses a money order as collateral, in case the defendant doesn’t keep his promise to attend his trial.
  • A property bond, on the other hand, uses property values instead.
  • The third option is the one that involves the services of a bail bondsman.

The bail amount is set by the judge, and it’s based on the severity of the crime. Of course, bail is not always an option. If the judge considers that the defendant has the intention to leave the country, or if the accusations are severe, the judge may decide not to offer a bail.

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